Variable Data


Variable Data

If you’re really one in a million then there should be a message just for you, right?

Variable data printing (VDP) is so much more than printing a different name on each postcard.  VDP allows for customizing images and messaging based on what you know about your customers.  It is a printing technique that allows you to share with your client that you paid attention to what they purchased last time, you understand what their preferences are likely to be, and what they would most likely be interested in purchasing today. Really using VDP properly allows you to communicate with your client that they are known, understood and appreciated.  It’s not a novelty any more to customize your message, it’s the only way to stay relevant and keep your customer engaged. We don’t work out how to insert a customer’s name on your mail piece.  We collaborate to help increase your return on investment.  Sometimes it involves 87,658 personalized options of text and pictures and sometimes it’s as simple as using a different image for each of two groups in your segmented mailing list.  The question we always ask is this: What do your customers need and how might we collectively deploy VDP to help your success?


Check out our Variable case study and see how people used this service. 

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