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Setting Up Design Files

Design Templates

We know that having standards are important, making things easy is important too. So we've created some postcard (and letter-size) instructional PDF's for you to use. Leave the Post Office some room (and us too!).

Use these PDF's to discover some standards needed.

Small 4.25" x 6" Postcard Instructions PDF 

Large 6" x 9" Postcard Instructions PDF  

Jumbo 6" x 11" Postcard Instructions PDF




Direct Mail & Tabbing (Wafer Seals)

If you send folded self mailers as marketing mail that's not in an envelope, then you need to get up to speed quickly on the tabbing regulations from the USPS that have taken effect. Don't have the fold at the top! and especially saddle stitched catalog booklets and tabbing placement. There are a bundle of rules so ALWAYS feel free to contact us first!

Tabbing Regulations for Folded Self-Mailers


Digital Printing

Take advantage of our awesome digital envelope printing capabilities! Our equipment and technical know-how allow us to digitally print onto envelopes so you can match and print variable data on your projects perfectly.  

Digital Envelope Printing

When printing envelopes they go through our machine with the FLAP OPEN. This means that they need to be designed with the correct size. Not to worry though, we've done the conversions for you right here!

Envelope Open Flap Size Conversions:

A-2 Envelope : W5.75" x H6.63" 
A-6 Envelope : W6.5" x H7" 
A-7 Envelope : W7.25" x H7.68"
A-9 Envelope : W8.75" x H7.94"
#10 Envelope : W9.5" x H5.83"
6 3/4 Envelope : W6.5" x H7.13"
6 x 9 Envelope : W9" x H7.5"
9 x 6 Envelope : W6.5" x H11.38"
9 x 12 Envelope : W12" x H11.25"








Equipment Guides & Parameters

Bright Effects