Digital Printing


Digital Print

Modern methods for a 575 year-old craft

All digital printing is not created equal.  Digital printing created by passionate individuals using HP Indigo technology is just plain cooler.  With a cleaner dot than conventional printing, color consistency that will have the lithographic purists in tears, and the speed and flexibility only available with digital, we are confident that Yohannes Gutenberg, Benjamin Franklin, and Dinah Nuthead (the first female printer in the US) would be in great admiration of our work if they weren’t entirely dead and dusty.

BrightEffects – Spot varnish, clear ink, digital opaque white, textured effects, and digital embossing are all part of our BrightEffects line of digital printing techniques.  These unique effects open up possibilities that are simply not possible with other methods of printing.  And, BrightEFFECTS is just fun to say it out loud.  Just try it.  No one is listening.


Check out our digital print case study and see how people used this service.

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