United State Postal Service - The first mile and the last mile.

Because direct mail is a core part of our business we end up having a lot of conversations about it's fate.  Our relationship with the USPS is the epitome of love/hate.  We love what the USPS stands for and the legacy it has had over the years. We hate that they lack creativity and they are swamped in bureaucracy and red tape.  

Whether we love them or hate them, WE NEED THEM. 

One of the ideas we've had in our discussions is the notion of the USPS just focusing on the first mile and the last mile.  They're the specialists at getting packages from your home and to your home. The localized logistics experts. Let somebody else take care of the wider city to city, state to state, country to country piece.  Just focus on using your vast network of local USPS offices as distribution and collection hubs for localized logistics.  Now I have to confess i'm pretty ignorant of what plans the USPS currently has or how they really want to position themselves in the market but one thing is for sure, the monopoly has been broken and if they don't start evolving fast and identifying what they can be the absolute best at, they might end up being left behind.